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New Test Kiln at RamestonesJuly 02, 2012
We have given a new home to an old Kiln. The kiln is an old test kiln, probably about 30 years of age and has the most basic of settings. We thought... [MORE]

Truro CathedralJanuary 08, 2012
In late October, the kiln technician and myself met the buyer at  the Truro Cathedral shop. He agreed to display six crosses in the Cathedral s... [MORE]

Gained a qualification of "Preparing to teach in the Life long Learning Sector"October 16, 2011
I recently gained my qualification of PTLL'S or Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. This is the first  recognised qualific... [MORE]

Raku Hearts that have soldOctober 07, 2011
The two Hearts which were in Mounts Bay Contemporary Gallery in Penzance have sold. Each Heart  was raku fired and coloured with... [MORE]

The Autumn Box and Picked Olive Plaque have also soldOctober 07, 2011
In the Carnsew  Gallery, in Hayle, three pieces  have sold over the summer time. An Autumn box, a Plaque, entitled "The Picked Olive"... [MORE]

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