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  1. It is over six months ago that my husband and myself travelled up to Yorkshire and visited Spurn Head and the Lighthouse. The opportunity to visit the inside of a spectacular part of what was Trinity House  property was made possible on the weekend we visited. This was because an artist in residence had used the Lighhouse as a base for working on her project. We had instant access in a place which is normally locked away from the public on every other weekend of the year.

     My Great Grand Father was Lighthouse Keeper during  the First World War on Spurn. When we were able to go inside, rather like a door opening on an allotted time in a beautiful arrangement, we walked up the steps and went  within.

    Inside 1

     Looking up the  spiral staircase, which my Great Grand Father must have run up and down in sedate mode and in an Emergency. His hand must have sought out the rail swiftly and probably became very adept at running and reacting to whatever was required of him, especially during the War conditions of 1914 to 1918.

    Inside 2

    Looking back at the open door, we have now entered.


    Inside 3

    This is the first window seen from below

    Inside 4

     And the view, which is timeless

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