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    I   am so pleased to be given the chance to have my work exhibited in Carnsew Gallery, Hayle. Stella Thomas, the Gallery owner has allowed my work to be seen in Hayle town for the second year. She has displayed everything so carefully and I am very grateful.


    Carnsew 5 2012

    The two large Leaf resist pieces are together with a selection of abstract and figurative Hearts. It is definitely the first time a large selection of work has been put together as a collection showing the diversity of what I have been making over the past year. I seem to make a Autumn  box a year, and this time I have made a large Leaf bowl also, which is the shape of a London Plane tree. The tree which has huge  Maple like leaves is found in Plymouth, near the Royal William Yard.  A very good resource, when the leaves come tumbling down in a few months time.  

    carnsew3 2012



    She has placed the Flying Olive tree Bird and the smaller Hearts on the wall. One of the Hearts tries to express the granite grey of St. Ives. The glaze was an accident, but it worked, creating something of the grey stone colour of St. Ives especially in Winter, when tourism has packed up and left town.   

    Carnsew 1 2012

    The whole experience of exhibiting in Carnsew is personally very special. My Grandparents lived in Hayle for many years. I don't think they could have imagined I would end up having my ceramic work there.

    I hope they both would have been thrilled to see it.

    Carnsew 4 2012


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