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    Over the Winter season my ceramics have been on display in a Gallery called "The Two Seasons". It has been exciting to have my work available to be seen in my home town of St. Ives, Cornwall.

    The Gallery is above a small beach on the eastern side of the Island, called Porthgwidden Beach. It is a dramatic beach, sometimes used for surfing, often turbulent with wonderful colours of gushing water, foam and mixtures of blue depending on the light.

    I decided to make a piece with reflected something of Porthgwidden  Beach and collected a  very small amount of sand . 

    Porthgwidden 1


    I made a  large piece which incorporated the sand collected. This was an interesting experiment, which mean't that I tried the sand in a biscuit firing and also a glaze firing. I prefered the effect of the glaze firing. I also added blue glass which melted around  the waves of my piece. There are hints of the Island rocks on one side. I really enjoyed making this piece of relief Sculpture, particularly as it contains a real part of St. Ives.

    Even though Steve Crossely has opened up his Beach shop which has metamorphised from the Gallery now that the St. Ives summer season has begun. He has kindly taken the Porthgwidden Beach piece to show people from his special Art window looking out onto the beach below.

    The Torch at Porthgwidden

    The Sun in the piece has been filled with glass rather than glaze.

    Today, the Olympic Torch is threading it's way though Cornwall, having been started on it's journey at RNLS Couldrose yesterday, the first bearer being David Beckham  carrying it on Cornish soil. The sun looks like a Torch light lighting up the waves and the beach. It seems to reflect the moment.

     It reminds me of the part of Isaiah 62 :1 which says

    For Zion's sake I will not keep silent

    For Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet

    Till her righteousness shines out like the dawn

    Her salvation shines out like a blazing torch.


    Porthgwidden 2T

    Please enjoy this rendering of Porthgwidden illuminated by a torch- like sun over waves, sky, clouds and "real " sand.

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