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    I have recently made two  ceramic crosses which are each completely different to look at and follow different themes and inspirations.

    The first Cross is abstract and tries to convey water, movement, colour and light.

    I have found that using glass on ceramic glaze illuminates whatever is beneath it, for instance the colour of different oxides, are intensified by a piece of clear glass on top. It is something about the quality of light which illuminates from the piece and it is interesting, especially as it is being applied to the form of the Cross.  

    Light is refered to throughout the New Testament. What is this Light?

    In Genesis, God made the Light and Jesus is described by John in the Gospel of John, that in Him was life and that life was the Light of men.

    I am beginning to realise that the expression of Light in a ceramic piece is profound, mysterous and has endless depth.

    Illumination Cross

    The second Cross conveys the theme of the Olive tree.  This  Olive tree  Cross represents peace. This peace was found in Genesis, when the bird come back after the flood to signify to Noah that it was safe.

    Perhaps I may find out about the deeper meanings of  an olive tree. For now,  I can say that the work which drew me to look at olive trees was the Jewish artist, Mark Podwal and how he used them in his art.

    Through Jesus, people can have peace with God and can enter into a deep and whole relationship with Him. This is the message of the Gospel in all it's depth and simplicity.

    Olive Tree Cross

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