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    I know St. Ives.

    I know the place, it's well trodden tourist parts  and also it's hidden parts and it's history. I know the individual beaches, can describe the different ways of each beach. I can recall the quirky unusual characters who lived there, my own grandmother included.

    I have decided to do a study of St. Ives in clay, gradually dipping into it as a place and recounting aspects which I remember when I lived there. A nostagic journey, gradually adding to it and not rushing, concentrating on the St. Ives of the 1970's. St. Ives had numerous "normal " shops then, butchers and fishmongers,  and hardware shops, a Woolworths, many bakers, all with their unique pasty recipe.   A record shop called Chy an Stylus, the coolest place in town. Many of these premises have become galleries or cafes and resturaunts. Is this good news for St. Ives and Art? Buying a loaf of bread is more of a dilemma now  and the last established fish shop  is now closed.

    I still love the place because it's the place which still can be glimpsed amid the sophistication of the 21st Century.


    St.Ives Island green


    This is the green of S. Ives Island and fish. The St. Ives Island was the place to buy quality fish at Stevens.  


    Blue of the Waves


    This piece reminds me of the breakers on Porthmeor beach, which are always dramatic and a gorgeous blue.

    The words are taken from Psalm 42:7 

    "Your breakers roll over me"

    Deep calls to Deep.

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