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    Last month, Carnsew Gallery in Hayle held a private view for the artist Bob Devereux and also  for a number a ceramics artists who live and work in Cornwall.

    It was a memorable and enjoyable event where many people packed inside the gallery and then spilled out onto the pavement as well. For me personally, I felt I was now  available to have work seen outside in a high street. One of the ceramic and glass butterflies had already sold to someone who had come in from seeing it through the window. 


    Carnsew on the wall



    Carnsew biop





    Carnsew everything


    It was particularly enjoyable to see one of my ceramic Hearts on the wall. It continued with the theme of my college work which was a study of peace imagery called "The Picked olive remains fresh".

    I recently gave someone a smaller raku heart with this theme expressed on it.  Since then I have been thinking about how art can touch a person's heart, infact a ceramic heart can touch another person's heart.

    In the French  film Amelie, Amelie herself did some spectacular giving and found very quirky ways to touch hearts of  the people she lived and worked with. Not only did people soften to her imput in their lives, they began to change.

    It would be exciting that art could be used to touch people to bring a change in thinking or doing, rather than being collected because of monetary value alone.  It could act as a way to input into people the  qualities which are mentioned in the Bible, like love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control. These are known as the gifts of the Spirit.

    If someone stops and thinks a little longer about the nature of peace or patience, rather than passing by quickly, something good will have happened.

    carnsew through the window

    Look out for the art which can touch you!!!!!

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