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    As I have recorded in my blog, I took part in an art exhibition at the School House in Morvah.

    We had travelled someway to get to Morvah, which is found deep into the  West Penwith moors. When we arrived, the  display tables had been given to the other artists and what remained was a knee high small table!!!!   There appeared to be no room for any of my pieces of work. Someone said to me " The first will be last and the last will be first, isn't that what they say."

     At the time, I thought it was a great thing to say especially as it was a very important person who historically  said it!!!!

    Suddenly, the coordinator recalled that he had been told that  there was a spare table in the loft. He then pointed to a fantastic possibility of where the table could go. The snag was that the loft entrance required some movement of a table beneath it, already set up.  I was persistant and help was given and my display  table was placed in a perfect place with light shining in  from the main window. 

    Here are the photo's which  show how being last can sometimes mean a great prize!!! 



    Gillian and display1 

     Morvah Ceramic Psalm 

    Display with picked olive and cards


    Display Wave expressions



    Window light full display


    I really valued being part of the School House Exhibition, organised by the Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Group. Not only was it an opportunity to exhibit in my part of Cornwall, but the venue was unique and unusual, with it's Cornish  Methodist history and now in contemporary times, it's relaxed and friendly style.  

     From the large window, the Atlantic swell makes a powerful backdrop.

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    The untimate Green System

    First, we bought a small sink, similar to a caravan-style unit. Next, I decided to go green, and installed a solar heated water container above the roof. Here it is in the construction stage.

    A1                                                         A2

    The wooden framework is to contain the solar tank (a camping solar heated shower bag!) and in order to collect rainwater I added a funnel at the top, which had to be supported by the structure.



    This all leads to the point of the exercise - a sink which supplies heated rain water (just used for washing, not drinking). The outlet pipe goes to a buried tank just outside the studio, which releases the water into the soil underground.



    When there's not much rain, I have a hose running outside and I just switch cables to 'back fill' the roof water tank with water from the mains. We can also plug that direct mains hose into the back so it will feed the sink instead, but we prefer the self-sufficient method! Also I haven't found suitably robust connections yet which prevent the connected hoses bursting from their fittings or leaking when on mains power!

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