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  1. Ceramic Psalm 2


    The Ceramic Psalm

    My latest ceramic course at Plymouth College of Art and Design is drawing to a close.

    It has been a place where I have experimented and built on the work I explored  last year.  I drew ideas last  year and and this year from Jean Arp's relief work. I am really inspired by the way he put relief shapes onto wood, but I did my shapes with clay.  The most enjoyable piece that I made was something I now feel I can call a Ceramic Psalm.

    I tried to create a sense of what David exclaimed in the Psalms as he descibed the character and ways of God. Sometimes he described God's peace like a mighty river or he asked God to help him with his cries of anguish and dispair.

    I love to read the Psalms. Reading a Psalm a day can feel like a daily prescription of goodness

    Some of the themes I have exlored on the work I produced this year have been tears and sunrise and these have been incoporated on to the box:  It is like my Psalm.

    There are four decorated sides each with a different relief. On the top of the box is the written part.

    Ceramic Psalm


    This is what I wrote

    Dry my tears

    Splendour like a sunrise  

    Who churns the great waters

    Where peace flows like a mighty river.

    The picked olive leaf remains fresh

    ascending like a dove

    Will winnow with fire.


    Ceramic Psalm3

    The fantastic part of using the facilities at college is having access to a Reduction firing kiln. The rich colours of the glaze is produced by the effects of the reduction kiln.

    I have now begun  exploring expression with olive branches.

    Ceramic Psalm 4

    The  raku ceramic cross, which was given to someone as a prize in the December competition, has found it's way westwards to mid- Cornwall. I am really glad a person kept the cross in Cornwall.

    The suggestion given was to hang the cross in a stable yard area. The tears and the sunrise on the box was partly inspired by the winner's comments because when asked what the cross signified, their answer was anguish. I then thought that Jesus did feel intense pain on the cross, emotional and physical and for that reason he can wipe our tears away when we feel intense emotional pain. He can also bring us his wamth like he is our sunrise. 

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