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    The Drawn to the Valley Open Studio Event was an unforgettable experience.

     These are the enduring memories:

    It became a place where old friends visited after a gap of  many years.

    It was interesting to see which kind of ceramic pieces people bought and why

    The range of cards especially created  for the event called Butterfly Heaven@ Ramestone Ceramics was an fantastic success and I ended up making many more extra to the original print. 

    Visitors sought out the Autumn Poetry Box which was featured on the front page of the Directory and Posters.

     The  Late Summer sun continued to shine throughout the Event, making the waiting for visitors a relaxed and comfortable experience.

    Coffee and tea were served to old and new friends alike and conversations on many different subjects were enjoyed under the new Gazebo.

     The garden had been honed and put back into shape and can now be more productive.

     There was just enough of the late Summer sunshine to attract the last of the buttterflies and moths, including a Silver Y and Green Autumn Carpet Moth. A real treat.

    The Exhibition continues

    inside Ramestone Open Studion the collection


    chilling outside the studio

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