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     Wecome to  Open Studios 2010

    This year I  will be part of the Drawn to the Valley Open Studios . Please do have a look at the website as it introduces many different artists who live in the Tamar Valley and are members of Drawn to the Valley artists group.

     Drawn to the valley Directory

    My studio will be open from 28th August to  5th September 2010 from 11.00am to 5.00pm. People are  welcome to visit my studio and garden for a chat about personal inspirations and working practises.

    Fresh out of the kiln have been some wall mountable ceramic butterflies to reflect my new interest in Butterflies and Moths. These have been a new experiment for me and something I would like to develop futher as I discover much more about butterflies.I have plenty of catching up to do!!!

    I have also experimented with new designs of Crosses, in keeping with my themes of leaves and also water. I have also decorated small hearts with water coloured wild flowers, again developed from all the interest in gardening.  

    Butterfly selection ceramics

     River Cross

    If the weather is friendly, visiting the studio should be an enjoyable experience. People can enjoy the willow pattern path and the new garden sculptures which have found homes is the corners of the  Ramestone garden. I am hoping for a good crop of butterfly visitors as well. 

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