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  1. Being Part of the Wild Places 

    Burnmoor Tarn

    I live in a beautiful part of the British Isles. People treat it as a holiday destination and I live here and sometimes it feels like being on holiday for free.
    Our holiday destination last year was Cumbria. We discovered  an unusual place called Burnmoor Tarn. It felt about the most wildest area on the holiday, even more wild than Scarfell Pike which we had climbed. TheTarn was overlooked by a lodge, completely isolated with no road to transport food or supplies. Anything required needed to be humped there by foot. This place caught my imagination and became the wildest and  most beautiful summing up of Cumbria. The Tarn was surrounded by Cumbrian mountains and it really brooded, especially on our return in the closing light. 
    Think about wild places and this will fit in with the competition in the future. 
                                                   A Celtic Prayer
    There is no plant in the ground
    But is full of his virtue.
    There is no form in the strand
    But full of his blessing.
    There is no creature in the river,
    There is naught in the firmament
    But proclaims his goodness.
  2. Good Friday Art          green cross at Seaton
    Easter Sunday, from the Christian viewpoint, is where everything is new. A new start and new life for everyone and a new relationship with the person of God . 
    How is that?
    Jesus as a historical figure is one thing, but what if he is alive now, having come back to life again on Easter Sunday and is now always going to be alive.
    That is pecisely what a Christian believes. Not only that, this alive person, who also happens to be God, is willing to give any person a complete and full relationship with himself.This happens by simply believing that he died personally for that individual. Literally all the person  has to say is Yes!!!
    Is it that simple?  
    What do you think?
    The Good Friday art event allowed the group to place Christian art in parts of South East Cornwall from Seaton, near Looe to St. Michael's Chapel on Rame head. We had a selection of painted pebbles  and glazed crosses. We have placed them in places that are not immediately obvious but if seen will  help people  to think about the importance of Easter.
    The most specific place was inside St. Michael's Chapel. This beautiful ancient monument, where the Spanish Armada was sighted, is a wonderfully appropriate place to put a cross. In this South East area of Cornwall, it has an ancient resonance of the worship of God over hundreds of years. The cross was put in a place which was not obvious, hopefully three days on from Good Friday, it is still there.  
    If you have any ideas of where you would like a handmade cross to be placed, do let me know.
                           St. Michael\

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