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  1. New Heart Expression
    What is the Heart?
    Is it the 'real' person?
    It is very difficult to separate the person  into parts but to have a flavour of what the heart actually is can be helped through seeing how the Bible reveals it to be.
    Jonathon Edwards, the 18th Century Minister, likens the heart to be the inclination and will of the soul. In Proverbs it says "As a man thinks in his heart so is he".
    The heart seems to express the inner life of the person, often hidden from people.
    Jesus talks about the heart as  the place where we put our value of what truely matters to us.
    For instance He says "Love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength".
    What is it like to have a changed heart. As a living organ, to have a changed heart requires the skill of a surgeon. But it is possible to have a changed heart without it being replaced physically. Having a changed heart is the centre of transformation in the Christian faith.
    Rewriting our hearts like words inscribed on clay.
    Rewriting our thoughts so that a different way of living begins.
  2. main photo in Exhibition              selection exhibition
    The Port Isaac Exhibition was organised by the Cornwall Ceramic and Glass Group with the 6 Churches Festival in North Cornwall. This  was a wonderful opportunity to have my work available to be viewed. Because the festival was publicised as an Art and Spirituality event, it was a perfect environment  for  my work,  which  expresses my Christian faith. The pieces on show were Wonder Counsellor, inspired by the description of Jesus in Isaiah 9, two Scripture Birds, inspired by the Hebrew names of God and other pieces like Heart Expressions, which uses pieces of Scripture  on clay from different parts of the Bible, bringing  the words together to form a poem.  Also on show were Wiggly Fish, Raku cross in Hand, Jesus carrying the Cross, Treasure Birds with Scripture , Pebble shape with words and two Crosses with Hands, one of which had sold by the time the photo was taken.

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