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    Ramestone Ceramics are heading West tomorrow, travelling across the entire length of Cornwall, from the SE to the far West! Set up begins for our exhibition at The Old Schoolhouse, Morvah, as part of the group exhibition which runs till the middle of January. We had a great practise run in December when we held a private view at our studio, followed the next day by a stall in a crafts exhibition at Torpoint library. This is an exciting time for us, and it's great to know that our work is on exhibition in a place close to our heart...more on the Penzance area in the next blog!

  2. Alchemy in the sense of transforming base metal to gold.
    In the sense of the metaphysical poets, symbolising transformation.
    Clay is like that.
    You can feel it transforming even while you are working with the raw material;  some clays dry faster than others.
    When it is naturally dry, it's different to it's initial moist form.
    Then you put it through the first firing in the kiln. Ten hours later, it's like Christmas day and the present opening! Everything inside has changed!
    Weight has changed - it's lighter.
    The colours of the clay have changed, different now, according to their kind.
    Then comes the glaze application and firing. Change again, and another Christmas Day! Glazed colours now look different to when you painted them on. There is a sparkling, a shining, and the tiny clinky noises of hotly fired creations still cooling down after eight hours or more.
    Transformation and an alchemy of sorts.

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