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Returning from Holt and Broughton Gifford from a ten day visit, where  the Holt vicar, Andrew Evans, organised  with Resource, a special "share faith" event within a huge section of the community. Being part of the ten people, I had the chance to talk about Christianity and why it matters to me personally. I learned how to share aspects of my faith with many people, which was really exciting.
I met many lovely people and animals, including Cassie the dog. I will never forget my time staying in such a beautiful part of Wiltshire and I know that I have made many friends there, meeting, amongst others, a part-time clown, full time vicar. On my return by train, I met a very large rabbit called Harley, named after the motor bike. He was travelling to Liskeard to be groomed.
  Broughton Gifford Church      Harley on the train

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