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In the last few weeks two pieces of  my ceramic art have sold in Mounts Bay Contemporary Art Gallery in Penzance.

 I was thrilled to think that someone thought the pieces special enough to buy and felt very encouraged about it, especially as they were bought in Penzance. A town I know very well. 

One of the hearts was inspired by the idea of fruit developing in the heart.

It touches the theme that good things can build up inside a person. However this is not a process which occurs purely on  it's  own or through the building  up of experiences in life. I wanted to express it as the action of the Holy Spirit enabling change in a person, which happens throughout life.

The olive branch is a symbol I want to explore again this year, as I did last year.The fruit  found in the Heart plaque were an olive branch, a pomegranate and a lemon. It will be interesting to find other ways of  symbolic expression with these fruit. I would like to look at the symbolism within the Song of Solomon in the Bible and express these in Ceramic Hearts to make in the future. 



 The other piece was a Raku Heart depicting  sun and tears. It simply says on it. "Dry my tears, Warm my heart". A cry from the heart, warmed by the Son.


Heart  with Sun and tears


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