"The Picked Olive Remains Fresh" Easter Exhibition

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As mentioned in the previous blog entry I am taking part in an Exhibition at the School House in Morvah.

I have been given encouragement  from The School House from the start of  my making art from clay. 

This time I am taking part in an exhibition with other artists from the Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Group. It has been perfect timing to exhibit the work I have made at Plymouth College of Art and Design., particularly the Raku bird and  ceramic and glass butterflies.

As the course progressed, I found  that I had a theme. I began to make olive branches in relief on crosses, birds and hanging plaques. The ideas behind this was not only an expression of the Holy Spirit  but  also the peace symbol signifying that the rain had stopped after the flood. In Genesis, the dove returned to Noah as he waited for a signal that everything was safe. The dove had in it's beak a freshly picked olive branch.

The Picked Olive Remains Fresh


The other new development through my course was experimenting with glass and ceramics. My tutor Dan Chappel gave me invaluable help as I tried to develop forms with liquid pools inside them. The end result was using glass marbles which have gone into the Raku glaze of the main Butterfly piece. Marbles have never looked this unusual!!!! 

 Big Raku Marbles Butterfly


Both these pieces are being exhibited at the School House Gallery over the Easter.

 My personal name for the exhibition is "The Picked Olive Remains Fresh" at Easter time and forever.

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