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Hebrew Names Cross

Since becoming a Christian in 1989, there are specific exciting moments found in the Bible , which I have grown to really appreciate and be amazed by. One of them  is in John's Gospel and the other is in Exodus. They are linked together

Jesus had many powerful conversations with the Jewish teachers in his time. One which stands out for me is the conversation he had with them about who He was and infact is.

The teachers picked Him up on the subject of whether He was greater than Abraham who they called" their father"  

Jesus said that Abraham would rejoice at the time when he saw Jesus having His day and would be glad. This was huge a concept for the teachers to take in and understand. How could a thirty years old man, who was doing unJewish things like healing on a Sabbath and generally not fitting their ideas of holiness? How could this man have known Abraham? What a pronouncement!!!!

Unpacking this statement, if Jesus knew Abraham he must be......silence...silence again...

Jesus then answered their question of how could he know Abraham. He said he was telling the truth," before Abraham was born, I AM."

In an encounter with Moses, God called himself the very same name, like a name in itself

 " I AM"     

Who is this I AM from the Old Testament?

On  a Cross, I wanted to write some of the names of God, named by the Hebrews.

I would love to hear how these names really sound when spoken in Hebrew, they must sound beautiful.

I have written  on the cross,

 ELOHIM, meaning He is the only supreme and true God.

ADONAI meaning the Lord who is alone, head over all.

EL OLAM meaning the Everlasting God. God is eternal, He will never die.

YAHWEH SABAOTH meaning the Lord of Hosts. He is our Saviour and protector.

EL ELYON meaning God Most High. He is above all gods, nothing in life is more sacred. 

ATTIQ YOMIN meaning Ancient of Days. God is the ultimate authority. He will one day judge the nations.

Just imagine what happens  when an individual realises that the Person descibed above in the Hebrew names is actually on your side.  

Jesus said  " I AM". 

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