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 Introduction to the Fluttery Ones
Open Speckled Wood in the Ceramic Garden
Starting something simple like clearing the garden can fan into flame many new creative ventures.
My garden was crying out for some special attention. I was spurred on by something I wrote in an earlier blog about creating a fun garden for the soul.  Flowers can feed the soul, so why not improve the garden.
Our garden is a challenging size. I decided to give a little chunk of time a day and now I have spent about five weeks weeding, clearing, finding corners that were choked with bind weed and thorns. Spaces are opening up now and what flowers and fruit to fill those spaces with  are my new thoughts.
The changes to my soul are very clear.
The experiment has shown me that horticulture calms the soul and also brings even more benefits.
What are these Benefits?
We will be getting visitors for my involvement in Drawn to the Valley, which is a local Open Studio event at the end of August and early September.
I will give more details of this soon. The big bonus is the garden is literally getting ready to meet people.
I have placed ceramics in the garden to create a unique Sculpture area. The garden is being tended and becoming an art experience.
Yet the biggest bonus, added to the calming and relaxing effect of my daily stint in my green space, is the  profusion of wildlife.
My Garden is now becoming  Butterfly  and Moth Heaven.
The Butterflies and Moths are going to visit the Blog very often as well as I am developing a passion for learning about them and photographing them.
 Do Visit and see.

Speckled Wood on Blackberry somewhere in Torpoint

Both these Photographs were taken in my garden in Torpoint. It is a photo of a Speckled Wood. They love blackberries!!!
More Butterflies will be visiting. I will be searching for a chance to photograph a Peacock, an unexpectant treat to see unfirling it's wings with the colours of a Peacock's eye on it's wings.
I will be making Butterflies in Ceramics and will have them available in the Drawn to the Valley exhibition in my studio with it's dates soon to be announced.
This is going to be a life time interest. I think!!
Don't forget do tell me your experiences with Butterflies or which ones you really like.

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