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Sea Cross
It seems to be that Christians really like to use symbols in their art, whether it is writing or  the visual.
There are many symbols within the Christian faith. There are images like bread, wine, wine containers,  fish, clouds, doors.
There are also the very powerful  and central images which are directly and powerfully connected to Jesus like the Cross, water, fire, the Vine and  the Lamb, the Tree of Life.
 I have only literally scratched the surface with exploring  these symbols but the ones which I particularly wish to develop have been the Cross and water, which symbolises Living Water.
The question still remains for me as I try to express something of the power and mystery and beauty  of the Cross and what Jesus did on the Cross.  Can I make the Crosses without being glib about  the horror of His suffering? It was a means of execution and Jesus did suffer.
I have become fascinated to make Cosses from different veiwpoints of symbolism, sometimes adding hands or leaves or making the cross look like a tree.
One Cross which was on show in the Old School House in Morvah was inspired by showing Water on a Cross.   Jesus told the people in his day that rivers of living water would live in them once they believed.
This piece of work has sold so I hope that the person will really enjoy the combination of two symbols. The life changing Cross, with the promise of eternal life and the promise of a new joyfilled life through the Holy Spirit.
If you have any particular associations with the Cross, do let me know, I would be really interested?

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