A Heart for Torpoint and TAG:Torpoint Community Art

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Our Church, Torpoint Community Church, held it's annual Funday in June.
 The whole event was completely free to the community, given by the Church.
We wanted to add something as well so we had two tables.

Heart for Torpoint and Tag

One table was TAG which stands for Torpoint Astronomy Group. On this table Julian had available the complete ceramics solar system including Saturn, which was described by one of the visitors as "Cool" The visitors to the table could hold the ceramic planets and place them in order. There were games to guess planetary  distances which were awarded with Mars bars and other equally desirable chocolates.


The second table was called Heart for Torpoint.
I asked what people liked about Torpoint and their responses were written  by themselves on paper and transfered to a clay heart by myself.  People seemed to like talking about their town and there were some noteable favourites like Torpoint being a safe place to live in and the popularity of the schools. The skate board park and Library was a popular choice also.
The plan for the Heart is for it to be given to the Library so everyone who took part can see what is written on it and hopefully remember the funday in June.
Herat for Torpoint


Large close up Heart


Second close up





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