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Cultivating Art like a  Fun Garden

Blue balls trengwiang





It is very easy to become super serious about art which in turn becomes very heavy and then increasingly unenjoyable.
As I have developed my art whether it is Christian influenced or not, I try to put back the play and fun and therefore the freedom.
It is very obvious to anyone who has returned to this blog or just visiting for the first time that I am a Christian and that I believe in God. 
Sometimes a dose of play can help both life as a Christian and an artist.
I have read recently that becoming like a little child is a very good way to approach the Kingdom of God and the business of making art.  
So how about cultivating life as a fun garden? The Bible talks about our lives to become as fruit, infact Jesus calls it fruit that will last. We don't only have "doing life " fruit but also fun and good flavour fruit.
Seeking life with curiousity and play within our surroundings can help this.
Looking at free ways to enjoy can help cultivate the child like approach.
Watching for butterflies in the garden or trying to identify a new one. Picking up a selection of shells and then putting them in the garden in a special place.
My recent  fun activity is to go down to the shores of Torpoint and find small pieces of what I call Willow Pattern. Basically, it is little pieces of broken pottery which have washed up over the centuries from  trade ships dopping their ballast  travelling from China before entering the Docks in Devonport. It needs a blog entry in it's own right and I will show you soon where these little pieces go.
 Have a go....   Cultivate a garden with fun and let me know if you like!!!!

Trengwighton 1

Camalia Treng
Beautiful Trengwainton near Madron, near Penzance




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