A Psalm about the King

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Scarfell Pike Summit 
King of National Trust Gardens and tea houses.
King of multicoloured beetles scurrying to ground.
King of Glow-worms under foreign moonlight. 
King of strolls beneath the canopy of English forests.
King of Scarfell Pike and  Cumbrian mountainside.
King of climbing to the Trig point and touching it.
King of encircling Buttermere Lake.
King of road ways to holiday destinations.
King of the return home. 
King of the people who need special attention.
King of the people who don't care to know about the King.
King of everyone who lives and has lived
King of smiles and laughter and tears and pain.
King of fun.
King of breath
King of fire
King of sensitivity
King of touch

Trig point Scarfell Pike


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